Friday, October 29, 2010

Oops, they can count!

We've been getting excited for Halloween and we are now in the thick of it: ballet party Wednesday (done!), school party today (done!), club party Saturday and Trick-or-Treating Sunday. Halfway through and I can't believe how much candy the girls have already collected! In the past Kevin and I would combine all of the girls' candy, put a few pieces of the candy we would allow them to eat in their treat bags, and then we would enjoy our favorite candies and Kevin would take the rest to work for his co-workers to munch on. I was assuming that would happen this year.... until both girls dumped out their candy today after school and counted each and every piece! The jaw of my salivating mouth dropped open and the hope of eating those delicious Reese's cups and Hershey bars at 8:05pm tonight were dashed. Oh well, I guess I'd rather see my girls happily counting than me sadly counting the pounds I would have put on eating all of their candy!

Do you allow your kids to eat all of the Halloween candy they've collected? I'm thinking I'll most likely do some filtering of the girls' stash (sending it to work with Kevin!) so it doesn't hang around for too long.

Have a very safe and Happy Halloween!

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Torrie said...

My mouth is salivating right now over those Skittles... and that Kit-Kat!! 2 of my very favorites.

We have one night of indulgence, then [after I filter through, usually throwing away all of the hard candy, the gum, whatever I specifically don't want them to have] it all gets dumped into a bin and used as treats (for dessert, movie trips, rewards, etc.). Anything leftover by Christmas is tossed.

Love that they counted... too funny:).