Thursday, October 28, 2010

Kitchen Confession!

Wow, things have been busy around here! I usually rely on the time my girls are in school to get my daily house chores and grocery shopping done, but that time during the past week and a half has been filled with multiple routine doctor and dentist appointments, a room parent meeting and other tasks. Since I haven't been shopping and our cupboards are pretty bare, I'm not sure why I started preparing French Toast for the girls this morning. It wasn't until after I had mixed the eggs, milk, cinnamon and a drop of vanilla extract together that I remembered that we haven't had bread in the house for 3 days! So, in an effort not to waste perfectly good food, (I still can't believe I did this!) I cooked up that egg mixture into French Scrambled Eggs! To give myself a little credit I did ask my girls if they would eat it before I served it to them. They ate it all!

Head on over to Mama Seasonings and Shades of Sunshine for some much more appetizing recipes!

PS: I'm relieved to report that I managed to get to the grocery store this morning and we're well stocked once again!


Torrie said...

That is too funny. And they ate it!!

We were just talking about this last night. My son was saying that he likes maple syrup on his eggs and I told him I used to smother them in ketchup... You just never know with kid's taste buds:).

I totally need to get to the store today too!

Heidi said...

Good save! Surprising how quickly the school day goes by isn't it?

Karen said...

Torrie, I'm a ketchup on egg eater, too (& so are my girls, usually!).

Heidi, those are the fastest 2.5 hrs ever! :)