Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Speaking of Aprons....

I love, Love, LOVE aprons! Not only are they practical, they also bring back wonderful memories of spending time in my Grandmother's kitchen learning the basics of cooking and memories of my Mom preparing our nightly family meals.
My girls have basic aprons they received as part of a birthday gift from a friend, and they love getting them on and helping me in the kitchen (they also make great preschooler bibs!). I hope to whip up some cute Anthropologie style aprons for my budding chefs soon... or maybe Mom has those old aprons of mine packed away somewhere? A project for a rainy, fall weekend!

Please don't forget to check out today's fall recipe offerings from Katie at 'the 30 girl': chicken pot pie and pumpkin apple breakfast muffins!

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Torrie said...

It's crazy, because I always forget to put our aprons on, but I do love them- not only super cute and fun, but functional (which I realize only after-the-fact when trying to get all of the stains out:).