Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Is it really October 19th already?!?

A&O's hand painted pumpkins. Black is a favorite color right now!

It seems as if we have been on the go ever since school started and I can't believe how quickly the days are passing! Fortunately I have been able to stay on top of most things and our Halloween costumes are ready (Mermaid & Little Red Riding hood) and the candy has been purchased for all of the Trick-or-Treaters we are expecting. Now I'm keeping my fingers crossed that we don't have snow for the 31st!
Next week my girls have their first ever field trip to a pumpkin farm about 40 minutes away and I have to admit that my heart was beating quite a bit as I signed the permission slips allowing them to go (buses and all). Parents are allowed to follow the buses and meet up at the farm. I was torn about whether I should stay at home and allow this to be a growing and learning experience for the girls and me, but then both girls found out that some other parents were going and thought they'd like me to be there. What a relief! I'll try to be less of a worrier and stay home for the next one, I promise!

Pretty Mommy's great fall Recipe Exchange continues... please stop by You+Me Equals for Elisabeth's Roasted Vegetable Enchiladas and Miya's Mexichoctofu Pudding, Domestic Reflections for Jora's Homemade Chicken Stock, and 5th Joy for Abby's Hearty Chicken & Cabbage Minestrone. All look soooooooo delicious!

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Torrie said...

I think it's great that you're going with. I used to work (like a 'crazy' person) so my mom would attend all of my son's field trips- not out of worry, just for fun, and to take pictures! I always wished that I could be there too.

Now, since I've started staying at home, I've been able to attend them all (there's only a couple per year!), and I know they feel like one of the *lucky kids who get to have their parents there. I like that:). Plus, I get to get to know the other moms a little better, take lots of pictures, and get to know their friends (whose name I always hear!) a little better too! :) So... in my opinion, go while you can (and while they still want you there!).