Monday, November 8, 2010

A Visitor No One Wants!

Last year one of my friends had to deal with a case of lice that her daughter caught in school. I freaked a little at the thought and spent some time online looking for natural ways of getting rid of the little buggers, just in case we needed the information (didn't really find anything that I thought was worthwhile). Fortunately, we were spared the experience.

Recently I learned of a great product line called Babo Botanicals and they have a product combo that is all natural and 95% effective in clinical studies to PREVENT lice! How Cool Is That? I would say that this is a must have product for all families with children in daycare, preschool or elementary school. I'll be getting this gift set to be on the safe side!

image via Babo Botanicals

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Torrie said...

That is very cool! Thank you for sharing... because lice is definitely NO FUN.

And thank you very much for your comment today. The issues that kids face as they get older are pretty tough, and often the parents aren't aware (so, I try to do my part to give them a 'heads up').