Friday, February 27, 2009

Oh bug, bug, bugger!

Well, we've got a bug. It hit me and O first and now A has it, too. The girls' 3 year well visit at the pediatrician this week turned into a sick visit. On top of this major cold with fever, coughing and sneezing, O has a double ear infection. Kevin had to go out of town for business so the three of us girls just cuddled. A bonus to being sick: having your paci with you when you're not going to sleep*!

*Starting the day after A&O's third birthday pacifiers are only allowed for nap time and night time sleeping. Not sure how we get rid of them all together though! Any suggestions?

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Dress Rehearsal

Kevin and I had a surprise for A&O today: we got tickets to go see Sesame Street Live! I woke up, got my shower and rushed to do my regularly scheduled Saturday morning grocery shopping (we were completely out of too many things to delay it) so I'd be home with just enough time to get the girls ready to leave for the theatre. Still without telling the girls that we had actual plans, we got into the car and drove, chatting along the way about various buildings we passed. One was a theatre and A&O thought they might like to go to one some day (big smile on Mommy and Daddy's faces at that point!). Before parking I hopped out of the car to check to see if rear door of the theatre (one we use often) was unlocked. It wasn't. As I turned to walk back to the car where Kevin and the girls were waiting a light bulb must have gone off in Kevin and my head at the same time: what is the date on our tickets?? Answer: it wasn't today!

After a good laugh was had by Mommy & Daddy the girls thought we should go do something (thankfully they still didn't know our original plan so they weren't disappointed). We headed to our local Science Museum for A&O's first visit. Right as we walked in we learned there was a 'story time' about to start.

We learned all about the first visit to the moon and A&O even got to eat dried ice cream or, as A calls it, "Moon Food".

We had a great time going through the museum and the girls can't wait to go back. But, I think they'll really LOVE seeing Sesame Street Live! Shhhh... its still a secret!

Thursday, February 12, 2009


Sorry for not posting anything new in a while. We were on vacation in Florida and now I'm playing catch up. Will post soon!