Thursday, March 12, 2009

Wishin' and Hopin'... for Spring to come!

Okay Mother Nature! March is here. Could you spare a couple of warm days and send them our way? We're doing what we can to keep busy and happy indoors until we can run and play outside in the sunshine.

Despite the continued cold weather and cold bug (it just won't leave poor A alone!) we've had a decent week so far. Kevin's Mom visited Monday and played with the girls while I showered and got a few things done. We had to cancel a play date on Tuesday because A wasn't feeling very well. This cold has a terrible cough associated with it that keeps waking her (and me!) up each night. Wednesday we tackled Art Class and it went well (the coughing fits held off). Painting with big paper and big brushes impressed my budding Picasso's! Wednesday afternoon we went to the Dr. just to be sure that A didn't have a serious respiratory illness that required meds~ fortunately she doesn't. Today we played and I tried to tire the girls out. The first two nights after the Daylight Savings time change were great but we've gone downhill from there. A morning of active play and an afternoon visit to the warm Rain Forest at our zoo did the trick! A&O were sleeping not long after hitting their pillows. Now I'm wishin' and hopin' for a full night's sleep!

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