Wednesday, March 18, 2009

St. Nick of Garbage Day?!

A&O love Wednesday because it is Garbage Day. For at least the past 1.5 years they have run to the sun porch at the first sound of the big blue truck making its way down our street.

There is one particular "Sanitation Worker" who has had our route for years and he goes out of his way to entertain the girls. First, he has the driver blow the horn several times and everyone waves. In warm weather there are quick games of peek-a-boo from behind various trees and during the winter months snowballs are carefully thrown toward the house and the girls looking out the window.

One Garbage day around Christmas the girls yelled to me that the Garbage Man was coming up our driveway. I answered the bell to officially meet "Nick" and he had a gift for the girls: cute felt snowman pouches filled with Godiva chocolate covered baby pretzels! In February the bell rang and the girls were presented with Godiva Teddy Bears by Gund. Today the bell rang and Nick had two lovely Godiva chocolate flower shaped lollipops. Apparently Nick's wife works at a local Godiva store and buys the treats for Nick to give "his girls" (how he refers to A&O).
I have the feeling that Nick and Wednesday Garbage Day will be one of those childhood "remember when..." memories that A&O will talk about for years to come!

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