Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Let's try this again!

This past Saturday was the actual day for Kevin & my big Sesame Street surprise for A&O. Unfortunately our preparation for going out this time involved a lot of nose blowing, giving each girl honey to try to calm coughs, and packing our favorite organic lollipops into my bag to whip out if coughing attacks started.
As we got the girls out of the van at the theatre (with baby Elmos in their hands) there was a large tractor trailer with all of the Sesame Street characters plastered all over it, larger than life. With their excitement seeing the trailer we announced our surprise and they were thrilled.

The theatre itself was a visually stimulating adventure: large foyer with huge chandeliers, grand staircases, mirrored walls, velvet curtains, etc. We made our way to our seats and they couldn't have been more perfect (no seats in front of us, just a rail, so lots of room for standing and dancing and no worrying about one of us coughing on anyone in front of us). As the music started and Big Bird, Elmo, and friends took the stage I was surprised to find myself teary eyed. The awe on A&O's faces and the way they bopped and swayed to the music was priceless! We all enjoyed it so much.

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Trish said...

What a wonderful surprise for your girls! That sounds like such a neat family outing!
I wish I could help with the pacifier issue but all three of my kids stopped taking one around 3 months. I just wanted to die when the twins decided they didn’t want theirs anymore at that age….as you can imagine ; )
One of my friends cut the passie with scissors and told her dd that it had broke! Seamed to work for them. I hope everyone gets all better soon from the yucky bugs.