Friday, March 27, 2009

A Big Day

I think we closed a chapter in our lives this morning. No more diapers or pull-ups!

Our girls have been wearing 'big girl' pants during the day and pull-ups at night since January. Last night when we were getting the girls ready for bed I remembered that we were out of pull-ups. Instead of running to the store for more we made the leap and made it to morning without a drop spilled! I will continue to keep the extra jammies and clean sheets ready for the inevitable late night accidents, but we are all so proud today!


Kevin had a business trip this week and was gone for 5 days. We tried to keep busy but we all missed Daddy so much! Whenever Kevin is away we visit his hotel's website so we can see where Daddy is staying (I think it all started when A&O were concerned about where Daddy would sleep on a past business trip). It is pretty funny because they seem to think that the photos we look at are real time shots (like a web cam?) and sometimes they want to wait to see if Daddy is going to walk into the room!

Daddy's 'prizes' for the girls upon his return were Disney Princess Nighties (their very first night gowns!). When A opened hers she said, "Oh Kevie! I love it! Thank you!" It was very sweet and funny.


Looking forward to a nice weekend. Maybe we'll get to the market and pick up some Easter flowers! Enjoy!

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amandanbo said...

yay for your girls! that is wonderful!!! such a huge accomplishment for them! i bet they were so proud :)