Tuesday, October 20, 2009

The Pediatricians' office was hopping!

Sunday morning O walked into the kitchen holding her right ear and said, "Mommy, I think I have an ear infection". I'm not sure if most 3 year olds can self-diagnose, but based on her past with ear infections, I believed the poor kiddo.

Monday morning I called the Pediatricians' office when they opened and I left a message requesting a 'sick visit'. I've never had to leave a message before, so when 10am rolled around and I hadn't gotten a call back, I called again and was politely told that the nurse would in fact be calling me, but at that point she had 40 messages and requests for sick visits! Knowing that the waiting room would be crawling with germs I arranged for my sister to come watch A while I got O checked out. I was happy I did that after I saw a child in a face mask walking out of the Dr's office with her mother upon our arrival! Our appointment ended up being at 4:05pm and by the time we got into the examining room my poor O was clutching her left ear as well. Double ear infection. Ugh!

When I returned home my other sister called to let me know that she and my nephew had just been to the Dr's office where my nephew had tested positive for the Swine Flu! The office staff made him put on a face mask and he had to leave through a back door!

(Old pic of A&O but I don't have any new, relevant pics to post)

Looks like those germs are out in full force! I'll be using a nasal wash and washing hands like crazy over here. What is your favorite health tip for staying well?

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Heidi said...

Look at your sweet little doctors! I hope thatnasty ear infection goes away soon. No tips here other than hand-washing and trying to get them to sneeze into their elbows. I'd love to hibernate for the fall/winter, but that's not too realistic. Good luck!