Sunday, July 5, 2009

Rock-a-bye Baby

It has been a long week. Full of fun, but long.

Up until a week ago Kevin and I were putting the girls to bed in our usual fashion (both of us on the floor in their room until they fell asleep). Unfortunately, the amount of time we had to be in their room had been increasing over the past month or so, from 20 minutes to over an hour. So... last Sunday, after 60 minutes on the floor, Kevin stood up and announced, "I have work to do. I can't stay in here any longer" and walked out. Both girls sat straight up in their beds, looked at me (I was stunned) and O said, "Mommy, you go too!" (stunned even more!). An hour and fifteen minutes later they were finally asleep.

Since that night Kevin and I give our Goodnight kisses and leave the girls' room. There have been many trips back up the stairs for reassuring hugs, potty runs, random questions, etc. The process is getting better but between the girls' new bedtime independence, some major late night thunderstorms and Independence Day weekend events causing later naps and bedtimes, the girls are at least 7 hours short on sleep for the week. For the most part they are doing better than I would expect under the circumstances, but when 'the moments' come, Look Out!

I'm all for fun, but I'm looking forward to a quieter week!

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