Wednesday, July 22, 2009

A Favorite Thing!

We drove to Cleveland this past weekend to visit my lifelong best friend (I think we're going on 40 years of knowing each other!) and my college roommate. This was a real test for us since it was by far the longest car ride we've taken the girls on. I'm happy to say all went well.

We left our house so we could drive a while and stop for lunch just about when we thought we would start hearing "are we there yet?" After eating a picnic lunch and stretching our legs we whipped out the world's greatest invention: Potty on the Go by Fisher Price. This thing is pretty compact (yet substantial), easy to use and comes with a handy storage bag that holds everything you'll need for a potty break. Since we have a mini van we can discretely have A&O use the potty almost anywhere, never having to worry about finding a restroom. I am also a bit of a germ freak and hate taking my girls into public restrooms because they are rarely clean and they seem to touch EVERYTHING!

Potty on the Go was particularly handy on our return trip when we stopped for gas, coffee and a potty break. We had one little person who was "having trouble going" and she ended up sitting on the Potty to Go in Tim Horton's parking lot for about 30 minutes before "things" got moving. I was so thankful that I wasn't stuck in a restroom stall holding her on a toilet that whole time!

If you've got little ones, I would highly recommend this portable potty chair!

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