Friday, July 24, 2009


We reached a milestone this week: I removed the gate at the bottom of the stairs that was installed 2.5 years ago when the girls started crawling.
A&O at 18 months
While we were in Cleveland this past weekend we stayed with friends; friends who have older children so they don't have barricades throughout their homes. Within 15 minutes of arriving A&O noticed the staircases and were drawn to them. They must have gone up and down 50 times, just because they could. When Kevin and I were chatting with our friends and all was too quiet on the kid front, I found A&O on the landing of the staircase with pillows playing house with stuffed animals and barbie dolls. They loved it!
Once we returned home I thought about the reasons I still had the gate up (the main one being that I could move around the house knowing the girls were secure in a childproofed area) and realised that it just wasn't really necessary any longer. We still have a gate in the girls' bedroom doorway and another keeping them out of the kitchen/basement stairs area. I may be a couple of months before I feel I can remove those!

This whole "growing up" thing is moving way too fast!

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