Friday, May 1, 2009

Pearly Whites!

I'm so glad we were finally able to say good-bye to the pacifiers. I'm happy to report that we've survived and the girls are sleeping better than ever without them!

Another 'first' took place this week when we took the girls to their first dental appointment. I was a little nervous about it and was prepared for a struggle but my two little big girls really impressed me. The appointment went exceptionally well!

I was on the fence about whether to schedule the appointment with my current dentist or with a pediatric dentist. We ended up trying out a pediatric dentist and I think that that decision made a world of difference. Although my dentist is kind and I imagine my girls would like her, the office is a very nice basic dental office. The pediatric dental office was NOT a basic dental office! There were huge, colorful butterflies hanging from the ceilings, fun things to touch and look at, and the hygienist we had must have been trained by Mary Poppins herself!

Each girl took her turn and left with a new tooth brush, tooth paste, and a special prize from the "prize machine". They loved it! When we got back home one of the girls asked, "Can we go back again soon?".

Why didn't they have dentist offices like this when I was a kid?!


Anonymous said...

A pediatric dentist? How wonderful (we don't have them here). I took mine to an old grouch who chastised me if they had the tiniest trace of having eating lollies! He retired and his practice was bought by a lovely American dentist (from South California I'm pretty sure?) he's great with the kids but charges a fortune! I'm so glad your girls are comfortable going to the dentist and can't wait to return:))

Anonymous said...

Forgot to add - I love the photos too!!

tarapetty said...

I'm so glad everything went well! Sounds like the pediatric dentist was the way to go.