Friday, April 24, 2009

Another milestone

The girls had a doctor appointment Monday to check to make sure the last round of antibiotics had done their job. Thankfully they did. For the visit we saw a doctor we don't usually see and he questioned me on bottle use. O has never had a bottle and A weaned herself around 18 months but, guessing where he was going with the questioning, I admitted that my girls use pacifiers for sleeping. Apparently A's mouth is developing in a way that might require expensive orthodontic appliances if we don't quit the pacifier use immediately.

Considering that we have the girls' first dentist appointment on April 28 and I don't like being told that I'm allowing my children to do something that could cause them developmental harm, the girls and I had a talk on the drive home. Since they are big girls now, starting that afternoon they could just hug their 'pacis' during nap and at night (*note: Kevin was on a business trip and I was scared enough by what the doctor said to do this alone!). The plan was that on Wednesday night, when Daddy returned home, they would be putting their 'pacis' in a very special box and they would no longer use a 'paci'! I tried to sound really excited and it seemed to work. I was very surprised by how well A&O managed to just hold the pacifiers during naps. Nighttime was a little tougher in terms of the amount of time it took to fall asleep, but the pacifiers remained tucked under the covers the whole time. The real test was Wednesday night.

After one final suck on the 'pacis'

the girls slipped the pacifiers into plastic bags,

placed the bags in heart shaped puzzle boxes they received as gifts when they were born

and closed the lids.

After our very happy little ceremonial event the girls climbed into bed and, with reminders of our bribes of a special shopping spree at Target and a trip to the ice cream store, they eventually fell asleep.
Wanted to add that A decided the perfect thing for her to buy at Target would be a red headband. O chimed in that she would like a green one. I really thought they would go for the $150 lifelike pony!
Later, while I was getting A ready for bed, she let me know that she thought she would also like a red bra to go with her red headband!

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Anonymous said...

The girl has style!!:)

you have done so well in what must be a daunting task. Mine never liked pacifiers (in Australia we call them 'dummies'). I tried one with little Tino when he was abour 6 weekd old and he spat it across the room! My trouble was with bottles. Boy oh boy was that a struggle and a half. Soooo much easier just to give it to them....but then there's the teeth trouble:( I hope all goes well at the dentist and again, you've done a wonderful job:) Vx