Friday, May 8, 2009

A Little Raw

I was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis about a year ago. Several of my relatives suffer(ed) with it so I'm not too surprised, but it kind of stinks! In my case it presents itself as fluid on my knees. Within four days of a flare-up it is painful to bend, difficult to walk, and I have to go to my doctor to have my knee drained. Not fun. The good part about it, if there is such a thing, is that the flare-ups occur on one knee at a time, never both at the same time (hopefully I didn't just jinx myself!).

After several painful months I finally gave in and started medication that was to help relieve my symptoms. I say "gave in" because the medication I was prescribed is pretty toxic and has a lot of potential side effects. I did not want to take it but thought I needed it to improve the quality of my life during flare-ups. Three months passed and I was still having flare-ups, along with anxiety from being on the medication, so I stopped taking it. I started asking personal friends, cyber-friends, and various practitioners about alternative treatment and received the same advice from several: go raw!

Google research pulled up a lot of information on raw diets and as much as I want to be rid of my symptoms, I know I could not possibly go 100% raw (I love, Love, LOVE food too much!). I don't eat red meat but I do enjoy poultry and seafood. I also love my pasta, breads, and soups. But, thanks to this post from Progressive Pioneer (via her guest posting on Design Mom) it is easy to commit to eating a delicious raw breakfast everyday. I never thought spinach, banana and orange juice could possibly taste GOOD! (I usually add one or two other fruits to it but not always.)

Kevin and I have become members of Community Supported Agriculture (first delivery of fresh produce in two weeks!!) so we may even be able to have raw lunches as well.

I have also started using unfiltered organic vinegar, turmeric, fish oil and chondroitin/glucosamine in my daily diet. Although I still get some fluid in my knees, the flare-ups have been fewer and farther apart, it has been less painful and the fluid has been going away on its own so I haven't faced a needle since February 16! Woo-hoo! Fingers crossed that my symptoms continue to fade away!

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