Tuesday, November 17, 2009

A post just so I remember!

Each day after 'school' I ask A&O how their day was, what they did, if they had fun, what they had for snack, what their favorite part of the day was, etc. By the time Kevin comes home at dinner, I have a pretty good idea what went on (and in detail!) at school and the girls often ask me to tell Daddy about certain parts of their day at school.

Today when I got to the school for pick-up, the girls came running out of their classroom to tell me about something new and exciting that happened this morning. This evening when Kevin arrived home from work:

Kevin: "How was school today?"
O: "Mommy! Tell Daddy about the screwdriver at school today!"
Me: (thinking and drawing an absolute blank... about 15 seconds later I got it...trying to hold back the giggle...) "Oh, drill! There was a fire drill at school today!"

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