Thursday, January 22, 2009

A very cold week

It has been VERY cold lately. Because of the extreme cold, my arthritis flare-ups that put me on crutches, and runny nose/coughing kind of colds, we really haven't been out of the house much this past week.

Sunday the girls had fun 'expressing themselves' through finger painting.

Kevin was off from work on Monday for the MLK holiday so we planned a trip to the Tropical Rainforest at our zoo. We bundled up the girls so they could walk quickly through the zoo and burn off some energy on the way to our destination. Unfortunately, as we pulled up to the zoo entrance there was a sign announcing that the zoo was CLOSED. Ugh! A trip to Tim Horton's and a quick run through Marshall's was all we got out of that outting.

Tuesday and Wednesday we stayed in and played with dolls, had 'parties' making food with the girls' play kitchen, and cuddled under blankets with lots of fun books.

Today we whipped up a quick batch of German style soft pretzels. They turned out pretty well and made a great afternoon snack!

It is supposed to warm up into the upper 20's tomorrow so hopefully we can at least get out for a little walk. It seems too early in the season to have Cabin Fever, but I think I've got it.

What do you do for fun on cold days?

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Denise said...

Hi Karen - your girls are so cute. Time sure does fly doesn't it. I'm sorry to hear you have arthritis so bad that it puts you on crutches. That must be very painful and a pain. Take care of yourself and those beauty full girls.