Friday, November 28, 2008

Up On The Housetop...

The girls have been talking a lot about visiting Santa this year and how now that they are 'big girls' they won't be afraid. So... we ventured out to the mall on Black Friday to see the big fella! Our 20 minute van ride included much talk about what was going to be said to Santa and what special things the girls were going to ask for (M&M's and spinning tops that sing Happy Birthday~ a tiny toy a friend received on her birthday!).

When we got to the mall the parking lot was packed so Kevin dropped us off at the door. He went to find a parking spot while we went in to find Santa. It didn't take us long to find "The North Pole" and there was no line. As soon as we got to the 'Enter' sign O quickly said "Mommy, pick me up!" and I knew we wouldn't be getting any closer to Santa. We turned around and walked to a railing behind the Elf photographer and both girls stared at Santa while he waved to them. We sat on a nearby bench to wait for Daddy and the girls continued to stare. It wasn't long before A&O decided they would like to go talk with Santa. We walked back over (still no line!) and as we approached Santa and his throne the girls both stiffened and would only move if I assured them we would stand far away and they wouldn't have to sit on Santa's lap. Santa was such a kind a gentle man and spoke softly which relaxed them. A&O mentioned the M&M's and the spinning tops that sing Happy Birthday and Santa offered them a coloring book, a lollipop, and a reindeer antler hat which they willingly reached toward Santa to get. They were so happy!

By the time Daddy got to us (he had to park in the ramp on the opposite end of the mall) the girls were so excited that they decided they wanted to sit on Santa's lap. Sooooo, we walked back over (still no line!) and walked right up to Santa. O blurts out "A goes first!" so I lifted A up and then I lifted O up and they sat on Santa's lap. They looked so darn cute!! Kevin and I were so amazed that we didn't even think of having a photo taken. We were so proud of them and they were so proud of themselves!

Since I don't have a photo of the girls with Santa and blogs are boring without photos, you get this shot of Kevin 'up on the housetop' this past summer doing some paint work!

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