Wednesday, November 19, 2008


What Mother doesn't love naptime and dreads the thought of her child/children outgrowing it? A couple of people have already asked if my girls still nap and, when I say "yes", ask at what age I think they'll stop. I'm shooting for 4.5 years old or older. I may jinx myself and my setup with this post, but I think I've got a great thing going.

Naptime in our house has always involved loving arms, a swing, a papasan chair, or a stroller. Some say I'm crazy but it has guaranteed me two babies napping at the same time and a bit of time for myself. Once the girls turned 6 months old we would put them in their carseats and stroller (Baby Trend Snap'n Go) and walk them around the first floor of our house until they fell asleep for nap. 20 minutes of walking (good exercise for me) and they would be out. Around 18 months we transitioned to a full recline double stroller and shortly after purchased a double jogging stroller that fully reclines and has full leg support. We are still using the jogging stroller and it generally takes a max of 4 minutes of walking before both girls are out cold. It really is great and they LOVE naptime. Just today I actually used Nap as a bribe "we're not getting into the nap stroller until you finish all of your milk!" (milk was gone within 30 seconds). Other bonuses: if one or the other stirs before naptime is over I just stroll for a minute or two and they usually go right back to sleep; if they have a cold I can increase the incline of the seat for easier breathing and better sleeping; we can take the 'nap stroller' on vacation and it works its charm just like at home. The belts are fastened for safety but are at their loosest so each girl can turn on her side to sleep if she cares to. And... despite what I've read, napping in the stroller does not effect the girls' ability to comfort themselves to sleep in their beds at night.

As Dr. Phil would say "How's that working for you?"
I would say "Perfectly!"


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Oh my goodness that is too cute!!!

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I soo understand you sister lol

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