Friday, June 19, 2009

Week of deals!

Have I ever revealed to you how much of a rush I get when I find a great deal? If not, I love, Love, LOVE getting a great deal (who doesn't, right?!?)! This past week has been a super week of deals for me. Take a look:

Awesome 2nd hand rotating teeter-totter in excellent shape: $25 (at least $149 new!!). A&O LOVE it! These were taken right after we unloaded it. They begged to stay on it even after it started raining. (Edited to say that I just something similar on sale in the KMart ad for $34.99. Maybe not such a great deal afterall!! The girls are enjoying it, though.)

Crazy shopping at the Sundance Catalog online outlet:
Super looking and super comfortable Canvas Drawcord Cropped Pants: $9.99 (from $78!!). They ran small so order up a size or two. I got them in the green and the red. Perfect for spring & summer. Trust me. You'll love them!
More super looking and comfy bottoms: Ripstop Cargo Shorts: $7.99 (from $45!!). Sorry, only tiny sizes left now. Love them!
Sundance Assam Tee: $14.99 (from $45!!). Perfect length long sleeves for the long armed gal that I am. Cozy and lovely. I wear it on cool nights now but it will be ideal for fall.
Brontosaurus Black Dinosaur: $9.99 (from $38!!). The perfect gift for a special boy turning 1 next week!

Then, a cyber friend from a Mommies Forum posted about a sale at a local footwear store. A, O & I checked it out and scored some Reebok sneaks for the girls: a steal at $7.50 each (were $42.99!!)

Lastly, an Estate Sale find. A Baby Lock Serger with an exterior in perfectly new condition but with a motor a bit rusty. It appears this was literally used once (misc tools and extra attachments still sealed in bags) and stored in a damp basement. Didn't work so $5 bought me this gem in hopes of fixing it. A good spray of WD-40 and now it is ready for all of the fabric designing ideas I have tucked in my brain!

Have you gotten any great deals lately?

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