Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Christmas Wrap?

As far back as I can remember Santa always wrapped my family's Christmas gifts. Christmas morning (well, maybe the first 30 minutes of it!) was spent unwrapping the mounds of gifts that were left under our tree. I remember my Mother trying to control when certain gifts were opened because she wanted to see the expression on our faces as they were opened, but we were always way too fast for her. One year we tried having each person take a turn opening a gift while everyone else watched but that lasted one WHOLE turn because what kid has that kind of patience?
A&O were 10 months old their 1st Christmas and Kevin and I debated whether Santa would wrap the gifts left under the tree. Since the girls were so little and we would probably end up doing the unwrapping, we decided to skip the paper. Besides, we had two large family parties where loads of wrapped gifts were received, unwrapped and hauled home. They weren't missing out on unwrapping!
Last year, A&O's 2nd Christmas, we decided to go really light on the number of gifts Santa brought to our home (we knew from the year before that they would be overwhelmed with gifts from family). Santa went with one big gift (this) and some books and cds. We skipped the wrap again.
So here we are, Christmas 2008. A&O are almost 3 years old and are starting to 'get' the whole Santa thing. I'm feeling as though this year will set the precedence of how Santa does things in our house. The pressure is on. Should Santa wrap the gifts he leaves under the tree? I think I'm leaning toward 'Yes'. Does Santa wrap the gifts he leaves under your tree?


Denise said...

Hi Karen - Santa does not wrap the gifts he leaves under our tree. The wrapped ones are from mom and dad/grandma and grandpa. Makes the chore of wrapping a lot better. Happy New Year, much love, Denise.

Sue xx said...

Hey Karen

My oldest is 10 so for 10 years I have been wrapping Santa gifts and then they go into their Santa Sack. I couldn't believe it this year when talking to some people that people actually don't wrap Santa gifts. I couldn't believe it for all these years I have been up to midnight wrapping presents oh and stressing about not using the same paper on Santa for anyone else in the family. This year as we were camping I did the no wrapping and it was fantastic. I wrapped the presents from us though. So I am a newbie into the club of not wrapping Santa gifts.
Sue xx