Monday, July 28, 2008

Summer is flying by!

Okay...when I started doing this I thought I would post at least a little something everyday. Where did the 8 days since my last post go?!?

Summer, and time in general, seems to be flying by. Luckily we've done quite a few things as a family over the past 2 months so I don't think I'll feel like we wasted great weather days by doing nothing.

This morning we went to the zoo (our zoo membership has been terrific and we visit about 3 times a month) and had fun watching the giraffes, rhinoceroses, sea lions, reindeer, lorikeets, swans and water fowl, gorillas, lions, merry-go-round, and riding on the train. We also spent time hovering over man hole covers and looking down drain grates (not sure of their real name!) on the ground. The girls walked quite a bit so I suspect they will take a long nap this afternoon!

Yesterday we went to a local beach so A & O could play in the sand and walk along the water. We arrived before the beach officially opened so there weren't many people which was good. The girls walked back and forth from our towels to the water filling up sand buckets with water and dumping them on the sand so Mommy could build a sand castle ("same like Olivia the pig!"). We watched as the lifeguards got out their gear and set up for the day. It was an early morning for both girls, so everyone was ready to head back home after about an hour. Short trip, but fun.

The past 3 weeks the girls and I were attending toddler/parent camp at the local Waldorf school. It was the first exposure A & O had to a structured group situation (well, as structured as Waldorf philosophy allows!) and we enjoyed it. We also learned a lot. Who knew A & O could drink from a glass? And they were glass glasses! Goodbye sippy cups, hello more cupboard space! We have several new songs we sing, a great, easy everyday bread recipe, and a new play dough recipe that is easier than our old one. It was such a good experience we'll be signing up for the Fall program!

We've also visited the Art Gallery, the local Naval & Military Park, an amusement park and one of the Marinas. Mixed in there have been play dates, birthday parties, playground time, long walks with Daddy and lots of time playing in our own backyard.

I didn't intend for this to be a recap of the summer, or to sound like summer is over. I guess with the end of July comes all of the back-to-school sales and it just feels like the end of summer is near. I still plan on packing in all the outdoor fun we can manage before the first snowflakes fly! Hopefully I'll look into how to post photos for my next entry.

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